At Brown & Root, we believe that our employees are at the core of who we are as a Company. Our employees’ lives go far beyond the bounds of our offices and jobsites and into the communities where they reside. For years, the Company has supported local charities in the communities where our employees live and work, and it is our hope to increase our commitment to these same communities with Brown & Root Foundation.

The Brown & Root Foundation was established by Brown & Root Industrial Services, LLC in 2020. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a more significant way for our employees and the Company to contribute together to support local nonprofit organizations, starting with an emphasis on the Gulf Coast Region where many of our employees are located.

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Our Commitment
Community has always been a priority here at Brown & Root, but now it is time for us to invest directly in the areas of greatest need in a substantial way. We care about our people, and the local organizations that they support. To demonstrate our commitment to these qualifying organizations, Brown & Root has made an initial investment of $50,000 in the Foundation, with plans for additional future donations. 100% of all funds collected by the foundation, from any source (Company, employee, others) will go to the non-profit organizations selected.
Your Commitment
Contribution statements will be provided annually to all donors contributing more than $200.

Non Profit Organization Eligibility

The Foundation will be contributing to a Corporate Advised Fund, administered by Baton Rouge Area Foundation (BRAF), which will in turn contribute to selected non-profit (501(C)3) organizations. The Foundation will initially focus support to non-profit organizations in the Greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Greater Houston, Texas areas, with plans for future growth throughout the United States. To be considered, the non-profit organization must promote better housing, education, health, diversity, and/or the improved welfare of children.

To qualify for funding, the nonprofit organization must also have a non-discriminatory policy. The organization must demonstrate that it manages its business wisely and that an appropriate percentage of the funding will go to programs rather than administration. Organizations eligible for funding should have values consistent with those of Brown and Root:

  • Integrity, Ethics, & Responsibility: The organization will act with honesty and fairness in all situations. They will be responsible stewards for all funds received.
  • Customer Service: The organization will be responsive and proactive on behalf of their beneficiaries, acting as their partners, delivering value and helping them to meet their goals.
  • Mutual Respect: The organization will exhibit professionalism and mutual respect. Positive behaviors will be promoted by all.
Applications from non-profit organizations will be accepted by invitation only. Organizations will be selected to apply for funding by the Brown & Root Foundation Advisory Committee; Committee members will be selected by Brown & Root Industrial Services, LLC. Applicants approved for funding will be notified.

If you would like to nominate a nonprofit organization to receive a grant from the Brown & Root Foundation, click here:

Foundation Grant Request Form